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Results-Driven TikTok Advertising Agency

As a TikTok advertising agency, we have a team of creative social media executives who will help get your brand discovered on the platform through paid ads.

Although it’s a relatively new social media channel, TikTok has already shown its value to businesses that want to market their products or services. 73% of TikTok users say they feel more connected to brands they discovered on TikTok than any other social media app. When combined with other forms of paid social advertising and different marketing channels such as Email Marketing or PPC, TikTok ads can deliver fantastic results for businesses – both e-commerce and lead generation.

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Why Should Your Business Invest in TikTok Advertising?

  • Efficient Cost-Per-Mile

    TikTok delivers a cheaper Cost-Per-Mile (CPM) compared with other advertising platforms such as Facebook or Google Ads. This means that your campaigns can drive better results for your ad spend. Combined with the right creative and targeting, TikTok ads can achieve a great Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) and deliver a fantastic Return-on-Investment (ROI).

  • Advanced Targeting Options

    The enhanced targeting options on TikTok allow us to go after a very specific target audience based on users’ interests, their in-app behaviour, data imported from your pre-existing base of customers and more. This means that we can ensure you’re reaching the exact people you want to target with your ads, deliver higher quality leads or drive purchases to your website.

  • Opportunities for Creative Content

    TikTok is a platform driven by creative content, which means there is a great scope to experiment and think outside the box when creating TikTok adverts. In fact, the best-performing adverts on TikTok are the ones that mimic organic content shared on the platform. Short-form videos are at the heart of this social media channel. So our team of experienced content creators will work with you to produce snappy, attention-grabbing adverts to drive outstanding results.

  • Wide Audience Reach

    In the UK alone, TikTok has over 19 million active users aged over 18, and a great portion of this younger demographic, doesn’t use other social media platforms. By running ads on TikTok alongside other social media platforms, you can ensure a wider reach for your brand and be able to connect with a younger audience.

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Why Work With a TikTok Advertising Agency?

TikTok is a very influential platform. 67% of users were inspired by the app to buy a product at a time they weren’t intending to make a purchase. This presents a fantastic opportunity to market your business on the platform and deliver results quickly. 

Our in-house team is well-versed in the latest platform features and tools. So we can take TikTok advertising to the next level. From producing scroll-stopping videos to choosing the best audiences to target – as a leading UK TikTok marketing agency we offer the complete service to drive success.

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