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By 2022, online videos were thought to have made up more than 80% of all consumer Internet traffic – this is 15 times higher than it was in 2017. Website video production has inevitably become a huge trend in the digital world, and it’s the most popular way for users to absorb content and capture it. Videos have the power to engage with an audience base like no other form of content, which is why it’s effective for businesses, especially e-commerce.

By using analytical data from various sources, we can increase your website’s performance and analyse which marketing avenues would benefit from more attention.

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What Defines SuccessHow Will Your Videos Deliver You A Return On Investment

Step 1 Pre-Production

Research Your Audience/Decide Core Message/Conceptualise Idea: Who is your target audience? What is the main message you want to get across? What creative approach should we take with these videos?
Script & Storyboard: Come up with a script (if needed) to help get your message across and/or illustrate a storyboard to help visualise your idea.
Schedule Shoot/Write Creative Brief: Where should we shoot the videos and when? We produce a creative brief that includes all of the information that we have discussed so your goal for the video is clear.

Step 2 Production

Arrival/Logistics: Before we arrive at the shooting location, we ensure that scripts are written, approved and all arrangements have been made with any potential presenters or actors. We will have a clear idea of the area we’ll be working within in advance of the shoot; however, we'll iron out any last minute logistical details to ensure a high-quality result.
Setup: After we’ve unloaded all the equipment, we set up our kit, which includes the lighting and the camera, to ensure the shoot flows as smoothly as possible.
Actors/Presenters (Where Applicable): As soon as the script has been finalised by you, it is sent across to an actor or presenter. Before we begin rolling, we talk them through the script, set up an autocue if necessary and attach microphones for crystal clear sound quality.
Shoot: Once everything is prepared, this is when the magic happens.
Approval: Once the initial round of shooting is complete, we check with you to ensure that you’re happy with the footage we’ve captured.

Step 3 Post-Production

Edit The Video Content: Edit the content to the specific guidelines we agreed beforehand. This means adding music, effects, sound effects and B-Roll footage to add to the video.
First Draft: A first draft is sent for you to review. Any changes can be sent back at this point.
Signed Off: Any changes have been made, you’re happy with the outcome, and the video(s) has been signed off.

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Why Is Video Production Right For My Business?

We specialise in website video production to help you stand out from the crowd.

We believe video is precisely the avenue you should travel. It offers many opportunities to grow your website traffic, increase conversions and enhance your brand awareness. We understand how difficult it can be to compete in such a digital world, and it’s about time you rise above your competitors.

User experience is such an important aspect of a well-rounded marketing campaign: SEO must go hand in hand with the experience the user has on a website. This comes down to the design and conversion rate optimisation. After all, you could have the best rankings in your sector, but if your website isn’t up to scratch, it’ll be difficult to make sales on a consistent basis. It’s essentially the same as directing your customers down an alley and into a brick wall, and why on Earth would you do that?

As a video marketing agency, let us help you deliver your brand message to the online world.

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