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The Brief

When Shelden Healthcare came to us, they were looking to make the most of the success they’d had with their flagship brand by investing in the creation of a new company that could serve the needs of an entirely different customer base. Our philosophy of holistic marketing was what initially attracted Shelden to our services. In order to make a success of marketing online, any company must ensure that their marketing efforts run alongside and compliment each other and the company recognised our strength in building campaigns that do just that.

Shelden Healthcare were looking to heavily invest in their online presence and came to us needing our full range of services, including web design and SEO.

The Challenge

The company required a website, which we were entrusted to build from the ground up. We needed to target relevant keywords and perform in-depth competition analysis to fully understand what defined success and failure online in this specific niche.

We conversed extensively with the client to map out the goals of the company, and from this, we were able to ascertain a specific revenue figure that needed to be hit in the first few months of the website’s existence.

The Outcome

Because there was no previous website to work from, we knew in order to achieve results we’d need to merge all aspects of SEO, design and CRO to make the website work for the client. In the early phases, we undertook regular meetings to assess how we were going to move up the ladder to challenge some of the industry’s biggest names. We initially started with an in-depth keyword sitemap (which we shared with the client to ensure accuracy) which we used to form the basis of the menu structure and design of the new website.

Each week we met with the client to explain how the design and SEO strategies came together, and at the same time, they were able to impart knowledge of their products that helped us create keyword rich content and category descriptions. Once the website neared completion, we were able to resolve any onsite technical issues and optimise each category page effectively as per the keyword sitemap.

By taking the time to ensure the bulk of the onsite SEO was completed before the site was unveiled meant that it would be able to hit the ground running to make an immediate impact with users and the search engines. Not only have we hit our revenue target, but we’ve also exceeded it, and without those careful and deliberate early steps these kinds of results would never have been achievable.

Our communicative, face-to-face approach may seem a little out of step with the modern world, but we wholeheartedly believe this is where many companies in our industry go wrong and that forming relationships is the best way to ensure a basis of continued success.

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