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  • Instant Results See results almost immediately once ads are running
  • Increase Conversions Create and tailor campaigns to reach your target audience
  • High ROI PPC is proven to generate a high return on investment within the industry

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As a PPC agency, we use this highly effective marketing strategy to maximise your sales and conversion rate. PPC stands for “pay per click”, meaning the advertiser pays a fee each time an ad is clicked. If your campaigns are well managed, the revenue generated from each click far outweighs the initial investment.

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How Can PPC Help My Business?

PPC is a quick win, particularly when you’re in the process of trying to gain traction in other forms of marketing, such as SEO. The best results are obtained when PPC is employed as part of a joined-up marketing approach. PPC can be used to show ads to “in market” users with the intent to convert, where other methods such as paid social and email marketing can be used for building brand awareness and re-engaging users.

Paid marketing is an intelligent approach for any business looking to drive web traffic, increase conversions and boost profits. With PPC, you control precisely what you spend while gathering valuable bottom-line information each time an advert is sent out.

Seeing as all campaigns are entirely quantifiable, you can track everything and assess precisely why a particular advert did or didn’t perform in the way you wanted.

Where Does Pod Digital Come In?

We’ll make the most of your marketing budget with campaigns focused on ROI and backed by science, data analysis and research. Whether you’ve got an existing account or are starting your PPC strategy from scratch, our experts ensure the ads are running to their full potential. We continually review the data to maximise performance while keeping the best possible cost.

As part of our services, we create campaigns for each or all of the following:

  • Search Marketing
  • Display Marketing
  • YouTube Video Marketing
  • Google Shopping

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PPC Experts On Different Platforms

At Pod Digital, we're specialists in Google Search, Google Shopping, Bing, and Amazon advertising. Let us help you maximise your marketing budget.

  • Google Partners


    We can help you with both Google Search and Google Shopping among many other platforms.

  • Amazon


    Target Amazon users using their advertising platform. Perfect for advertising products and stores.

  • Bing


    Bing is another platform that is often overlooked, but can be equally as successful as Google advertising.

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What’s Included In PPC with Pod

Our PPC management retainers are a budget-friendly way to dive into the world of PPC. Contact the team today to get started.

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  • Strategy Planning

    We’ll arrange an initial meeting to establish your business goals and advertising targets, covering budgets and specific areas to focus on. From this, we’ll propose our detailed action plan for moving forward.

  • Keyword Research and Analysis

    We start by carrying out keyword research to find relevant phrases to build our campaigns around. We ensure the keywords we’re targeting have a significant search volume to reach the maximum number of consumers. At this stage, we outline the campaigns we intend to start with and a list of keywords to go alongside them.

  • Campaign Building

    Within the campaign build, we write all the PPC ad copy including headlines, descriptions, and the final URLs. Ad extensions and daily budgets are added to the campaigns before we optimise targeting tools, such as dayparting and location targeting. We ensure your website is tracking correctly so we’re able to build up the necessary data to gain meaningful insights and improve performance.

  • Bid and Budget Adjustments

    We closely monitor the ads throughout the month, ensuring daily budgets are accurate. Where necessary, we change these based on performance. At this stage, we tailor our bidding strategies for the best results and update our ad copy based on the optimisation score and key metrics. We base this on the analysis of keywords, quality score and how competitors are performing.

  • Account Analysis and Reporting

    Throughout the month, we continually manage and analyse the account to ensure maximum performance. At the end of the month, we put together a detailed report outlining your account’s performance and a plan of action for the following month.

PPC Marketing and Management

If you want PPC campaigns backed by experience, expertise and a team dedicated to your success, get in touch with Pod today. We know what success looks like and we’ll agree on the reportable metrics to ensure total transparency for all of your campaigns.

We pride ourselves on offering flexibility and control through our collaborative approach. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, reach new leads or get ahead of your competitors, we provide the knowledge and insights to achieve your business goals and maximise your return on ad spend (ROAS).

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Why Is PPC Important?

  • There are numerous reasons why pay per click marketing is crucial for growing your business, and it’s hard to list them all! However, if we had to pick a few:

    • It raises brand awareness and generates new sales and leads
    • You can target high intent, in-market users
    • You get almost instant results, which are measurable and trackable
    • Budgets are flexible and it’s easy to control the spend
    • Provides useful data about your target keywords and audience
    • Finally, PPC works incredibly well alongside your other marketing plans

    If you are still unsure whether PPC is right for your business, get in touch for a free consultation with our specialist team to identify opportunities to grow your business.

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