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Why you Should be Marketing on LinkedIn in 2023

Posted on 17 February 2023, Written by Pod Digital

B2B Marketing on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn began in 2002 in California and has since made its way onto all of our mobile phones and computers. It’s a digital networking platform that allows users to manage their ‘professional identity’ (LinkedIn). 

Decision-makers in businesses are now turning to LinkedIn more than ever to find information and services. In fact, B2B marketers find that 80% of their social media leads come from LinkedIn. Therefore, your presence on the platform is undeniably important when marketing to other businesses.

At Pod Digital, we offer LinkedIn management that unlocks the power of the social platform for your business. Our LinkedIn management service includes organic content creation, business networking and complete management of your business account. You can take another task off your list, by handing over your LinkedIn marketing to us.

As a manager of several LinkedIn accounts, I wanted to cover some of my favourite features of the platform. In 2023, I strongly believe that the most powerful B2B marketing tool is LinkedIn, and let me tell you why.

1. LinkedIn Newsletter

The LinkedIn newsletter is a criminally underrated marketing tool that not enough businesses are utilising enough.

With this tool, you simply upload an article to the LinkedIn platform which can then be posted by you but also gets sent directly to every single one of your followers. Each of your followers receives an email letting them know you’ve posted, with the full article attached.

This feature is one of the most direct forms of social media marketing available and allows you to put high-quality content right in front of your followers’ eyes. The article then gains impressions and uses that data to show the total views and the demographics of your article viewers.

So whether you write the content yourself or use a dedicated content writer from Pod Digital, the newsletter is an excellent way to distribute information pertaining to your business. 

2. B2B Marketing Like no Other Platform 

LinkedIn is a very unique platform that focuses on business networking and connecting with fellow professionals in your industry. 

Facebook and Instagram are focused on keeping up with personal connections and showcasing the highlights of your life. It’s a way for you to see that your old friend got engaged or that your grandma had avocado on toast for breakfast. LinkedIn however, focuses more on the highlights of our professional lives.

Because of this more professional use, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for your B2B marketing. For example, if you have an office stationery company, you’re going to feel right at home on LinkedIn, as your targeting businesses. However, you may find it harder to build a presence and convert on Instagram or Facebook. When users go on LinkedIn, they’re in the work mindset with their eyes out for appealing content related to their industry. But on Instagram, they want to see cute cat videos.

If you’re targeting businesses with your products or services, make use of the platform that focuses on this.

3. Showcase Your Company Culture

Regardless of the nature of your business, there’s no denying that company culture is important, for both employees and customers. 

Putting a face, or faces, to your brand gives your company more personality, something that is becoming more and more important to customers. It makes your product and service more appealing to consumers, as they see exactly who is behind your business and what the company stands for. 

LinkedIn is the ideal platform to showcase the DNA of your company. On the Pod Digital LinkedIn, we’ve seen a great response to our company culture content that shows off our excellent staff and the friendly atmosphere of our office. 

4. LinkedIn Analytics

Social media metrics can be hard to follow at the best of times. But LinkedIn makes it simple with how their analytics are broken down.

As you can see, the analytics for your business are broken down into certain categories but are summed up in an overview section found on your company profile. 

In addition to the overview, you can also see more in-depth analysis in the analytics tab on your profile, which allows you to track your analytics over a certain time.

5. Simple Competitor Research 

Finally, LinkedIn makes keeping an eye on the competition, a breeze. Most companies update their business account at least 1-2 times a week, giving you plenty of opportunities to keep up with what they’re doing. 

It’s a very easy way to keep up with industry trends and the topics that people in your field are talking about. This is information that you can then work into your wider marketing strategy.

Upgrade Your LinkedIn Marketing Today

Pod Digital offers a complete LinkedIn management service as part of our organic and paid social media packages. 

We want to work with you and upgrade your profile to increase conversions. We can redesign your company page, formulate a social calendar that works for you and keep on top of industry trends. 

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