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POD: Why Are We Different?

Posted on 31 October 2016, Written by Pod Digital

As you may have already come to appreciate if you have browsed our wider website, here at Pod Digital, we like to do things a bit differently. We are a recently launched marketing company that puts the customer first via our unique Pod concept.

The way our Pod system works is easy to understand: each of our customers is placed in a Pod of dedicated experts with the unique marketing skills to ensure that their account is properly progressed and maintained.

Each Pod also boasts someone possessing the business background needed to make sure that the rest of the team’s marketing ideas are validated, so that they apply to the real business world.

What else makes our ‘Pod’ approach so distinctive?

The main skills that we cover here at Pod Digital are business consultancy, SEO, CRO, email marketing, PPC and social. We ensure that each account has a flexible 12-month marketing plan and that it is properly integrated into the business.

Our approach is also distinguished by our use of specialist software to help us to analyse the data from your website, along with a method of learned intelligence and experience to better enable us to improve the marketing of your business.

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While our product and skill-set are best-suited to companies with a turnover of between two and 10 million, we are also proud to have worked with larger customers.

We are great believers in ROI marketing and that the days of ‘smoke and mirrors’ marketing are gone. Today, we recognise that customers of services like ours demand maximum straight-talking and accountability from the marketing team with which they work.

Why do we do all of this? Simple: We desire long-term marketing relationships with our customers and to be able to work with them to develop the most impactful marketing strategy, and consequently the most impressive and sustained results.

Don’t trust any agency other than Pod Digital when you wish to benefit from the most powerful digital marketing, delivered by an experienced, capable and results-driven team.

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