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First Pod Completed

Posted on 19 October 2017, Written by Pod Digital

Pod Digital are proud to announce that our first pod has almost reached full capacity, creating and managing the digital marketing strategies of a selection of elite customers with individualised needs.

Our completed pod has;

The key advantages of the pod structure are that each customer gets a very personalised service, as they work with a specific group of individuals responsible for each task and can discuss any issues directly. As each pod has all the marketing skills that they need, the customer will have direct access to each part of the process and the person responsible for achieving it. The pod works very closely with your business and can even integrate some or all its skills into your marketing department, if you so wish.

Each pod is an autonomous team comprising all the skills needed to successfully create and manage your digital marketing presence. Getting the right balance of complementary skills in the pod is vital. We spend a lot of time recruiting the right people to complete our pods. Too much technical process leads to a well-functioning, but uninspiring site that does not attract visitors to complete their purchase. Websites need to be entertaining, inspiring and fun, not just convenient and easy to use. Too much creative energy can equally cause imbalances, such as being hard to relate to, or too distracting to create the focus on the end goal. Rather, the creativity and design need to be channelled by technological discipline and purpose to create an inspiring and usable site.

As our business ethos is based around personalised customer contact and building long term links, we will form only one further pod. Our first pod is almost complete and will be full by the end of October 2017. Going on current demand and the fact that some customers have already booked, we anticipate that the second pod will be full by March / April 2018. There will be no further opportunity to work with a new pod since we want to ensure that we retain our personalised service and tangibility for our customers.

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